Oooh Exciting

So this is my Blog, I’m bloody terrible at keeping this type of thing updated, so if you are reading this three years from now and there are no other posts, then that’s probably right.

What to write in a blog? I don’t know.

I suppose I should keep this as a record of the stuff and things I have been up to… Yeah, seems legit, so there we are.

What have I been doing? Well making little things mostly. I did a live stream last night cos I was bored and was lonely making dungeon tiles all by myself. It was pretty fun and made the boring work of cutting out much more enjoyable, even though the tiles look like crap lol!

While they were drying, I asked Dan, who was in the chat, what we should make next and he suggested a craft from an old toilet roll insert which was cool.  I started cutting it up and then w over splurge of hot glue gave me the idea of creating a monster that looks like an innocent pipe with some treasure inside, that once someone goes in to get the treasure… they get nommed, like a venus fly trap!

I’m going to work on that a little more today, and possible stream it as well 🙂

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