Hi there, thanks for checking out my site, I assume that you are here to find out a bit more about me, well read on…

Miniature misfit face

My name is Michelle and I grew up in South Shropshire, United Kingdom. I’m the oldest of 6 kids and I’m the oldest.

I have been making stuff ever since I was a tiddler, we didn’t have a lot of entertainment options when I was a kid and also my Mum is a very DIY person so it was always encouraged to take random things and make them.¬†

I took Art in school and College and I have A-Levels in Art, Graphic Design and a Degree in Photography. Well this is turning out to be more of a CV, jeez!

Anypoo, I’ve been messing about with scissors and glue for a long time and I figured that it might be fun to start a YouTube channel so here we are.

If you would like to support the channel, please check out my Amazon Affiliate links which (in theory) should take you to the Amazon that you use, so for example, if you live in the USA the link will take you to the .com site, if you live in the UK, the .co.uk site will come up for you.

Everything you buy while on the site once you have clicked the link will really help support the channel at no extra cost to you. It would mean a lot to receive your support in this way.


Anyway, if you want to contact me, there is a form to the left.

All the best and see you next time!

Your Misfit, Michelle x